“Music makes me feel. Music reminds me of my childhood. Music reminds me of life.”

Real Talk Tuesday
Length of the show: 2 hours

$14.99 per entry

6 producers will chat live with Stoni in a Google hangout with a live YouTube feed. Each producer gets 10mins per track, the other producers will give their feedback after Stoni makes her initial assessment of the track. Recorded shows will be posted on the Stoni’s Music YouTube channel for anyone who missed the live stream
Show starts at 8pm (EST)


“We love featuring artists who are using technology in innovative or perhaps extreme ways. This month, we have someone who has not only been inspired by a rich and diverse background of music, but one who’s better versed than most in music technology, having been a product specialist for several high-tech companies including Native Instruments and (currently) ROLI, Stoni Cooper.” – MusicTech

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$100 for 1hr

Reach out Stoni with any technical music questions by paying the initial consultation fee. Then Stoni will then contact you to setup a time to talk. The initial consultation is fee is $100.00. If you don’t have a Paypal account you can use your credit or debit card as a Paypal guest.


“I believe that people who make music are responsible for shaping our lives and our culture. That’s why I take making music very seriously. And that’s also why my students are some of the best producers and musicians in the world. Because they understand the incredible responsibility they carry. I’ve had the privilege of traveling the world to do extensive music production workshops. The thing that brings me great joy is the “light bulb” moment that happens when a student truly understands the concept that I’m teaching. There are 3 elements that everyone who works with me will need: passion, patience and persistence. Anything worth doing takes time, anything worth having takes work, and anything you can dream you can achieve as long as you’re committed to seeing it through.” – Stoni

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One Thing: Stoni – Percussify

WATCH NOW: In One Thing series I takes you into the workspaces of Ableton to share a warping tip with you to keep your creative flame alive.

One Thing: Stoni


Producer Profile:
The Rise of Stoni

“…she broke out as the first female winner of an international hip-hop beat battle, triumphing over name artists.” – MARKKUS ROVITO